New treatment for adults with schizophrenia set to be PBS listed

Next Wednesday, 1 September, 2021 adults living with schizophrenia will gain affordable access to a new treatment option on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).1

Affecting approximately 90,000 Australians,2 schizophrenia is considered our nation’s most disabling, and heavily stigmatised mental illness,3 with the average life expectancy of those with the illness, 12.5 to 16.5 years below that of the general population.2 The very high death rates associated with schizophrenia4 are often due to preventable physical diseases, such as heart disease diabetes, infections, and suicide.5,6

Given the complex range of symptoms, from hallucinations and delusions,7,8 to apathy and social withdrawal,9,10  treatment for schizophrenia is not a “one size fits all”.11

To learn more, including information about the availability and accessibility of affordable treatment options for adults living with schizophrenia, tee up an interview with a spokesperson below.


Prof Ian Hickie AM



Prof Suresh Sundram 


Dr Jonathan Anderson

A/Prof Dennis Liu


Dr Mathew Samuel


Co-Director for Health & Policy, Brain & Mind Centre, The University of Sydney &

NHMRC Senior Principal Research Fellow, SYDNEY [currently on NSW Central Coast]

Head, Department of Psychiatry, School of Clinical Sciences, Monash University & Director of Research, Mental Health Program, Monash Health, MELBOURNE

Head of Medical Affairs Asia Pacific, Seqirus, MELBOURNE

Senior Consultant Psychiatrist, Northern Mental Health Service, Lyell McEwin Hospital & Clinical A/Prof, School of Medicine, University of Adelaide, ADELAIDE

Consultant Psychiatrist, Hollywood Medical Centre, PERTH


Tony Stevenson​

National Chief Executive Officer, Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia (MIFA), BRISBANE


Richard, 40

Mental health advocate & policy advisor living with schizophrenia, SYDNEY

Alana, 34

Author, podcaster & financial services Senior Product Development Manager
living with schizophrenia,

J.J, 38

Mental health support peer group volunteer & mature aged student living with schizophrenia, SYDNEY


Available for download Sunday, 29 August, 2021 : 


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Senior Manager, Communications, Seqirus

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Principal, VIVA! Communications

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Mel Kheradi

Senior Account Manager, VIVA! Communications

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